Roberta Annan Capital Partners (RACP) is a specialized boutique investment and advisory company active in industries like energy, health, education, real estate, agribusiness, technology, etc.

With close attention, we offer family office services that are of interest to our clients and can be tailored for their desired purpose. We provide our clients with professional and insightful investment strategies that will not only preserve their capital, but diversify their investment in sectors which will give an appreciable return on their investments.

At RACP we are also focused on assisting our clients make impact all over the globe by promoting relationships with other institutions that provide them with solutions needed to increase their wealth and enable them make great impact with their investments.

At RACP, we implore strategies that create stable and suitable investment plans for our clients to thrive, meeting their needs and ensuring the results are in line with their objectives.

Our Vision

To be the global leading service provider of wealth management, by delivering superior family office services that enable families preserve their legacies and protect the investments of Ultra High Net-Worth families.

Our Mission

Our mission is to aid our clients in the preservation of capital, facilitate smooth succession of wealth from one generation to the next, while we preserve and grow the equities of our clients.

To accomplish this - we will;

  1. Establish a relationship built on trust, to enhance the confidence of our Ultra High Net-Worth clients.
  2. Deliver long-term investment strategies backed with credible results.
  1. Manage clients’ wealth with a strategy that meets their need.
  2. Advocate relationships with institutions that add value to our clients’ investments.

Our Values

passion for excellent delivery, leadership & accountability, integrity & professionalism, teamwork and commitment to protecting our clients’ legacies are aimed towards providing long-term values for our clients and families, that stand the test of time. Our sole purpose is to serve our clients and assist them in attaining their desired wealth outcomes.

Our Core Values

Commitment in protecting the legacy of our clients, Commitment in meeting the obligations of the families we serve, Passion for excellence in delivery, Leadership and Accountability, Integrity and Professionalism, Teamwork

Our Culture

At RACP, our culture is deep rooted in trust we establish with the families we work with. We believe that adequate planning guarantees success for the families we serve, so we put our clients first and nurture long lasting relationships that put them in control of their wealth.

Our Team

Our team is made up of intelligent and disciplined individuals who are passionate about helping families succeed. We bring together a team of experienced wealth managers, investment and financial analysts who aid our clients in creating, managing and controlling their wealth. Our team is a blend of astute professionals who bring years of experience in working with clients worldwide.

Our experts possess great discipline and command in the domains of family office, finance and advisory, so our clients are rest assured that their investments are well preserved.

Our Clients

Our clients are Ultra High Net-Worth individuals, families and organisations whom we assist in identifying investment opportunities and developing rock-solid wealth management strategies that help them reach their objectives. RACP is a registered company in Mauritius with offices in Mauritius, London, Switzerland, Accra and Abidjan. We provide world class advisory services and strategic investment planning for our clients, in various industries around the world.