Roberta Annan Consulting (RAC) is a subsidiary of RACP which focuses on Advisory and Business Development. RAC help clients overcome the challenges they face in their day to day operations. RAC supports its clients with strategies and advice in the event they are confronted with situations that seem irredeemable such as financial underperformance. Also, RAC provide advisory to non-governmental organizations and clients in areas like education, health, green technology and renewable energy.

RAC also works closely with clients to resolve these challenges and provide a workable corporate reform that will enhance your corporate performance and give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

RAC understands that business development is a constant developing process, so we apply best practices to ensure that our solutions surpass the expectations of our clients. Our business development strategies cut across various areas like, sales, marketing, strategic partnership, product management, operational cost, project planning and management and negotiations. This provides our clients with a holistic view of their strategic options and a variety of solutions from which they select the best that its their objectives. Bottom line; we give our clients maximum value for money.

At RAC, clients are not left out of the business process, rather they are involve and engage so they feel comfortable knowing that their satisfaction is guaranteed.


Polymateria was founded to develop and distribute industry-leading biodegradable plastic products to serve our customers — and beat global pollution. Our proprietary technology, developed by industry-leading scientific expertise — can be licensed by customers for food packaging/consumer household goods, agricultural films, and plastic bags.

Cylo Media UK

Allexis Education is designed to help schools go completely paperless while making learning fun, interactive and captivating for students.

Customised tablets with pre installed apps allow students, teachers and parents to work and collaborate with each other. Meanwhile the system empowers schools to efficiently coordinate everything from calendars to exams and homework to admissions.

Benefits for educational institutions and students

  1. Provide all students with customised tablets containing pre-installed apps
  2. Apps include: Calendar, Exams, Homework, Library, Announcements, Gradebook, Forum, and many more
  3. Enable teachers to curate dynamic and interactive courses for their students

Find out more about Cylo Media UK Here.

Taj Film Fund

THE PROPOSED OPPORTUNITY is for select South African and international investors to partner with a US-based film investment fund (with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and Cape Town), whose A-list founding partners have successful track records in entertainment (producing, writing, acting, talent representation), global marketing and finance.

The Fund sees an opportunity to leverage the team’s talents and successful track records to produce Independent, “Hollywood” films for U.S. and global exploitation. Additionally, the team will leverage the well-developed South African film production capabilities, strong creative, attractive film incentives, cost effectiveness, and combined incentives from other jurisdictions to simultaneously drive return on investment and assist in further developing the South African film industry. While concept, creative, and production decisions will be done on a film by film basis, with a primary focus on driving return on investment, where prudent and profitable, production will be done in South Africa.

Gray Matters Capital

Gray Matters Capital (GMC) is seeking to invest in ambitious, early-stage social enterprises with the potential to dramatically improve the lives of women and girls around the world. GMC has launched coLABS, a new portfolio to develop bold, innovative social ventures by providing seed investment capital, rapid prototyping, and advisor support.

coLABS reviews proposals on a rolling basis throughout the year and seeks social entrepreneurs who are: Reaching the most vulnerable populations of women in any part of the world; Tackling hard-to-reach markets, demographics, and critical barriers for women; Ready for seed funding ($10,000 – $100,000 USD) to launch an investment-ready pilot; Able to eventually scale your model to help GMC reach its mission of 100 million women!

For more information on pilot criteria and how to apply, visit GMC coLABS .

Green Planet

Roberta Annan has been appointed patron, mentor and advisory consultant for the Green Planet Foundation. Her skill, knowledge and experience is instrumental in helping the Foundation realise its energy poverty and air quality outcomes.

1.5 billion people do not have access to electricity. This means they rely on biomass, such as, wood, charcoal and dung for cooking and heating purposes. The Green Planet Foundation has termed this “energy poverty”. The ramifications are far reaching. Instead of going to school, young people have to spend hours collecting firewood to heat their homes and cook. Using wood, charcoal and dung in the homes is dangerous to the health causing chronic respiratory problems, and is also a fire hazard.

According to the Green Planet Foundation, the number of deaths from this kind of indoor air pollution currently kills more people each year than malaria and tuberculosis. By 2030, the number of premature deaths from household air pollution will be more than the combined total of deaths from HIV/AIDS, malaria or tuberculosis.

Read more about Roberta’s work with the Green Planet Foundation here.