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Wrothams Windsor

Wrothams Windsor is one of the country’s leading investment, development and advisory firms, made famous by our bold approach in bringing new products to market. Headquartered in London, with offices in West Africa, WW believes in bringing global real estate products to local markets, which have previously been out of reach.

Wrothams Windsor’s investment focus has been centered around low risk, high yielding UK real estate investments. Wrothams Windsor’s success has been based on the ability to delivery results to all levels of investor, from private individuals all the way through to investment firms and sovereign wealth funds.

Wrothams Windsor has started raising funds for real estate development projects in Nigeria, where the local market has a strong track record of growth, with lettings and rental demand increasing year after year. Hotel occupancy rates have been some of the highest in the world with prices matching the likes of London and New York. Wrothams Windsor is investing in commercial developments and luxury residential with expected returns of 12% - 20% per annum.

Aside from working in the private sector, Wrothams Windsor is committed to working with the Governments of West African countries to provide high standard affordable housing to meet the growing demand and help develop residential neighbourhoods to accommodate the growing middle class of the region.

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Aquila Invest

Aquila Invest Geneva SA is affiliated to Aquila & Co AG based in Zurich, a leading wealth management platform in Switzerland. They provide discretionary and advisory portfolio management for an international clientele (Africa and Europe mostly) and worldwide investment solutions. They work out of Geneva and indirectly out of Mauritius.

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