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Our Services

Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage is having key relationships in Africa to drive business growth. We have spent several years developing a holistic understanding of the African market and leveraging relationships for both the government and private sector. This increases the ease of doing business and it is cost effective for our clients.

Global Business Development and Corporate Advisory

We align investors with government entities and the private sector in countries around the world. RAC also assists with financing government projects.

The global business environment has becomes increasingly interconnected. This has made it paramount for corporations to expand their businesses to both developed and developing countries.

At RAC, we provide our clients with market entry solutions that facilitate the expansion of their businesses in Africa. Also, we align investors with strategic stakeholders and government entities that are crucial to international business development.

Read about our past and current projects.


Advisory on Philanthropy and Impact Investing

Through its vast network and relationships, RAC is uniquely positioned to assist individuals, businesses, foundations and government agencies raise funds for a variety of social, political, and economic projects. Our services are customized to meet the demands and needs of our client’s projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility has become an essential element of doing business for all companies. RAC works with multinational corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises to develop and manage social initiatives that benefit their stakeholders and the community. With the use of innovative solutions, we integrate Corporate Social Responsibility Platforms into the core business model of our clients.

At Roberta Annan Consulting we tailor-make each solution to suit our clients varied needs and requirements. At all times we act with confidentiality, efficiency, flexibility, integrity and independence.

Our goal is to simplify busy lives and assist those families by providing a full spectrum of private office services.

We act as both trusted advisor and administrative planner and coordinator, integrating accounting, financial reporting, administration and operations seamlessly with client’s affairs.

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